NCCS Webinar series: Fast-tracking CCS deployment in Europe – 1-29 October 2020

In this series of short 30 minute webinars hosted by the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (the research centre hosted by SINTEF Energy Research), you will get to dive into the latest CCS science – from capture technologies and their integration with process industries, to CO2 transport in both pipelines and by ship, to injection and storage. The webinars are free and open to anyone – not only NCCS partners.
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1 OctThe Norwegian CCS Research Centre: Overcoming barriers to CCS deployment through industry-driven Research and Innovation
1 OctInstability in salt precipitation due to dry COinjection
6 OctInternational Synergism with NCCS’ goals: Examples from the UK
6 OctHow to use recent developments of the Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox for fast prototyping of complex fluid models
8 Oct: Safe COtransport – A 90 meters deep experimental facility in the university campus
8 Oct: Potential and challenges for COcapture integration in process industries
13 Oct: Aligning European CCUS funding and R&I strategies
13 Oct: Membrane-Assisted CO2 capture through liquefaction for clean H2 production
15 Oct: 
Safe COtransport – The importance of experiments and models
15 Oct: Safe COtransport – Design of an offshore CO-transportation pipeline
20 Oct: The path to zero-carbon, large-scale power generation: State-of-the-art, progress and remaining challenges in hydrogen-firing of gas turbines
20 Oct: More accurate fluid properties enable reductions of CCS costs and risks
22 Oct: Safe and cost-efficient COstorage: Emerging monitoring technologies
22 Oct: COliquefaction for ship transport – How low pressure?
27 Oct: Reducing risks using geological models for CO2 storage
29 Oct: Solvent degradation testing in post-combustion CO2 capture – The importance of fundamental knowledge and test strategies
29 Oct: Deployment of a transport infrastructure for CCS from Norwegian industry
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