Natural Gas CCS Network meeting at GHGT12

 **Presentations now available – follow links in the programme below**

The Centre is holding an informal Natural Gas CCS Network meeting linked to the GHGT12 conference in Austin, Texas (USA) on Tuesday 7 October. The event is being held in Meeting Room 3 on the ground floor (“Level One”) at the Austin Convention Center (the main GHGT12 conference venue) from 6.30 pm until approximately 10.30 pm. 15 Speakers will form three panels, on ‘Gas CCS in energy systems’, ‘Solvents for gas CCS’ and ‘Membranes and solids for gas CCS’ and give a short summary and take questions from the audience.

Provisional Programme

This meeting will be a series of discussion sessions with introductory panellists who are presenting on Gas CCS at the main GHGT-12 meeting (NB those speakers not yet confirmed are annotated: “invited, TBC”)

18:30 Arrivals and refreshments (food will also be served during both breaks)


18:55 Keynote and  Panel One – Gas CCS in energy systems

John Thompson
Fossil Transition Project, Clean Air Task Force

Natural Gas-CCS: Not a Bridge, but a Destination (Keynote)

Kristin Jordal

CO2 capture from off-shore gas turbines using
supersonic gas separation

Abigail Gonzalez-Diaz
University of Edinburgh

On the integration of sequential supplementary firing in natural gas combined cycle: A techno-economic analysis for Mexico

Marit Mazzetti

CO2 from Natural Gas Sweetening to Kick-Start EOR in the North Sea

Laura Herraiz
University of Edinburgh

On the integration of rotary heater in gas fired power plants with post-combustion carbon capture: a preliminary evaluation


19:50 Break (refreshments)

20:05 Panel Two – Membranes and solids for gas CCS

Adam Berger

Selection of optimal solid sorbents for CO2 capture based on gas phase CO2 composition

Letitia Petrescu
Babes-Bolyai University

Life Cycle Assessment of natural gas-based chemical looping for hydrogen production

Joseph Swisher

Analysis and optimal design of membrane-based CO2 capture processes for coal and natural gas-derived flue gas

Thallam Thattai
TU Delft

Thermodynamic system studies for a flexible natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) plant with CO2 capture and hydrogen storage with metal hydrides

20:55 Break (refreshments)

21:10 Panel Three – Solvents for gas CCS

Simon Roussanaly

BIGCCS contributions toward reducing the cost of CCS

Eva Sanchez Fernandez
University of Edinburgh
Gas-FACTS: Gas-Future Advanced Capture Technology Systems. Project Overview

Elvis Agbonghae
University of Leeds

Experimental and process modelling study of integration of a microturbine with an amine plant

Matteo Romano
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Post-combustion CO2 capture from natural gas combined cycles by solvent supported m

Jaifei Zhang
Imperial College London

Solubility of CO2 in aqueous amine solution: A study to select solvents for carbon capture from natural gas power plant

22:00 Discussion


23:00 Close of Meeting