Locking up carbon – an alternative look at Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Much of our industry relies on fossil fuels for heat and power and is responsible for a large volume of carbon emissions. As we move to a zero carbon economy we will need a sensible plan of action for cleaning up industrial emissions. Carbon capture and storage is one option but the traditional definition of this, including separating out CO2 and transporting it to be stored underground, is not the only option and may not be appropriate in some situations.

CO2 in flue gases can be locked away permanently in different forms, including mineralised materials, pure graphite and plastics. This event will explore options, including what scale they can operate at and the current business case, as well as the factors necessary for making this alternative approach work.

Chair: Baroness Bryony Worthington


Prof. Peter Styring, Chemical Engineering & Chemistry; Director of External Relations – Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield
Dr. Michael Priestnall, Founder and CTO, Cambridge Carbon Capture
Prof. Colin Hills, Professor of Environment and Materials Engineering Director, CCLR Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich; Founder, Carbon8 Systems Ltd & Carbon8 Aggregates Ltd
Prof. George Chen, Electrochemical Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham
Dr. Paula Carey, Founding Director, Carbon8 Systems Ltd and Carbon8 Aggregates Ltd

The panel discussion will be followed by a question and answer session. If you would like to attend this meeting, RSVP to Neha Sethi Nijhon at the APPCCG Secretariat on climatechangegroup@carbonneutral.com or tel: +44 (0) 20 7833 6035. Please enter by Cromwell Green (visitors) entrance and allow about 15 minutes to pass through security.