Investing in petroleum under a carbon 'cloud'

How can the oil and gas industry work together with climate issues?

Organised by Finding Petroleum and Carbon Capture Journal


The oil and gas industry is under growing pressure to do something about the carbon emissions caused by use of its products.

Both regulators and oil companies say they are keen to see higher costs being imposed on emissions of CO2. But will these costs be directly paid for by oil consumers or oil producers? And if it is oil producers, will it make companies in higher cost areas, ie anywhere other than the Middle East, even more disadvantaged?

Meanwhile the oil and gas industry has the technical, project management and political skills to build and operate carbon capture and storage plants, generally thought to be required if we are going to hit our emission reduction targets.  But neither oil companies or investors are very interested in financing them. Is this a mistake?

The oil and gas industry causes large emissions from its own operations, particularly tanker shipping and operating offshore platforms, which it could do more to reduce.

You could easily argue that the industry doesn’t need to do anything, since governments won’t dare stop their electors getting energy and industry needs to provide it, even if people in far away islands are starting to feel the effects of global warming.

You could also argue that since known fossil fuels can’t be safely produced, industry needs to be planning to reduce production now.

How does this all come together?

We will try to find out at our November 19 Finding Petroleum forum in London, “Investing in Petroleum under a Carbon Cloud”.

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  • Margaret Christie – Business Unit Environmental Adviser Aberdeen, Premier Oil
  • Stuart Lodge – Process Engineer, Carbon Solutions, Group Technology, BP
  • Chris Davies – Former CCS rapporteur, European Parliament
  • Christopher Wheaton – Director & Fund Manager, Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH
  • Oswald Clint – Senior Analyst, Bernstein Research
  • Belinda Perriman – Social Entrepreneur and Carbon Capture & Storage Consultant, Commercialisation Manager at Tees Valley Unlimited; former Shell Project Lead for Peterhead CCS Project.
  • Raj Thamotheram & Howard Covington, Preventable Surprises
  • Martin Shaw – managing director, Marine Operations and Assurance Management Solutions Ltd, former VP Technical with BP Shipping 
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