IEAGHG webinar: ‘Understanding the cost of reducing water usage in coal and gas fired power plants with CCS’ – 25 June 2020

On Thursday 25th June 2020, from 09.00 to 10.00 GMT, IEAGHG is hosting a free webinar.
In this webinar, Monica Garcia (IEAGHG), Regina Sander (CSIRO Energy), and Paul Feron (CSIRO Energy), will discuss the motivation and results of the IEAGHG technical study ‘Understanding the cost of reducing water usage in coal and gas fired power plants with CCS’, carried out by CSIRO.
In particular, the speakers will explain the background of this study, the Water-Energy-CCS nexus, its implementation in several regions with different levels of water scarcity, and strategies to reduce the water consumption on power plants with CCS.
This study presents hypothetical case studies based in the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, China and India. The case studies examine the water requirements of thermal power stations with different cooling systems and how these are affected by the addition of COcapture. As a strategy to reduce the abstraction of freshwater to meet a power station’s water demand the use of recycled formation water extracted for the purpose of storing CO2 is assessed.
The case studies provide an improved understanding of the costs of extracting and recycling formation water and the conditions under which this may prove beneficial.

  • Monica Garcia (IEAGHG)
  • Regina Sander (CSIRO Energy)
  • Paul Feron (CSIRO Energy)

The webinar will be moderated by James Craig, IEAGHG.
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