IEAGHG Risk Management Network Meeting – 2-4 June 2020

On 2-4 June 2020, Total is hosting the IEAGHG Risk Management Network Meeting 2020 in Pau, France.


The technical sessions will run as follows:

Session 1Risk Management – An Industry Perspective
Session 2Technical Risks
Session 3Operational Risks
Session 4Financial Insurance & Standards
Session 5Quantification & Uncertainty
Session 6Societal Risk & Communication
Session 7Value Chain Project Risk – A Panel Discussion
Session 8Commonalities, Challenges & Differences to Overcome – A Discussion Session
Session 9Conclusions & Recommendations

Field Trip

Delegates of the meeting will have the opportunity to choose one of two sites to visit.
The choice for the site visits will be:

  • Option 1: PERL – Pole d’Etude et de Recherche de Lacq (including a visit to PIC, a visit to the PDU for CO2 capture and visit to the microalgae platform)


  • Option 2: PPL – Plateforme Pilote de Lacq (including visit to the ADYCHATS R&D platform, observation of gas detection system and a visit to the ARGOS robotic programme).

More information on the two optional site visits can be found here.  Delegates will need to choose which of the two sites they would like to attend for the afternoon, and indicate their choice when registering. Please note there is a maximum of 60 spaces on the site visit. Delegates MUST register for the optional site visit if they wish to attend.


The delegate rate will be £260 for the 3 day meeting. Registration will open in due course.

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