IEAGHG Monitoring Network webinar – 12 August 2020

‘Regulation, Industry and Research – Translating Monitoring Research to Meet Commercial Needs’ – 12th August 2020 at 10pm BST.
IEAGHG is pleased to announce that there will be a webinar held to continue the work of the IEAGHG Monitoring Network through this summer. The Monitoring Network aims to assess new technologies and techniques as they become available, determine the limitations, accuracy and applicability of monitoring techniques, disseminate information from research and storage projects around the world, as well as to engage with relevant regulatory bodies.
This webinar will be a virtual discussion panel with the theme of informing regulators, looking at ‘Regulation, Industry and Research – Translating Monitoring Research to Meet Commercial Needs’.  Our panellists comprise different CO2 storage monitoring stakeholders; operators, regulators and researchers.
The aim of the webinar is to discuss the translation of CO2 geological storage monitoring research into regulations and commercial-scale projects. It will begin with a scene setting presentation and framing questions. There will then be discussion, with operator, regulator and research representatives from the US, Australia, and Norway to answer questions from the audience and provoke thoughtful discussion.
This webinar is an ideal opportunity for all stakeholders actively engaged in CO2 geological storage projects and practical research in monitoring to share and learn about how the information from research and our Monitoring Networks can be used to meet commercial needs.

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