IEAGHG Monitoring and Modelling Networks Workshop – 6-8 July 2016

(Organised by IEAGHG, BGS and SCCS with co-funding from the UKCCSRC)
Please note that the form at the foot of this page is for application for a UKCCSRC funded place at this event. If you want to register for the meeting itself, please do so via the IEAGHG website – link below.
The IEAGHG Monitoring Network and Modelling Network Combined Networks Meeting will be held on 6-8 July 2016 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, with an optional field trip taking place on the 5 July.  Further details on the meeting can be found on the IEAGHG website here. [Note: you will need to be a member of IEAGHG monitoring network to view the meeting information on the IEAGHG website – you can register for membership here, which can take up to two days to be approved.] 
As a co-funder of this meeting, the UKCCSRC is pleased to have secured nine fully-funded places* which we are offering to members via a call, as per the following conditions:

  • This call is open to Academic and ECR members of the UKCCSRC. In the event that the call is over-subscribed, preference will be given to Academic members.
  • Consideration will also be given to ensuring the nine fully-funded places represent as many institutions as possible.
  • If any members are successful in securing a funded place but do not attend the meeting, the full fee will be charged.

To apply for a fully-funded place at this meeting, please complete the form below, submitting a two-page CV and 100 words on why you want to attend the workshop. The deadline for applications is COB (5pm UK time) on Friday 10 June 2016.
In addition to a fully-funded place at the meeting, Academic members may also apply for additional funding, up to a total of £150 per person, which is available to support standard class return travel to Edinburgh. You must indicate in the form below if you will require this additional support for travel, and why this is required. Note: Awards for travel will be reimbursed at 80% FEC recovery rate by invoice from the applicant’s institution.
ECR members who are successful in securing a fully-funded place at this meeting, and who indicate that additional support is required to help with travel to the meeting, will have the option of availing of support for travel, budget accommodation and subsistence, in line with what is typically offered via the ECR Meeting Fund. If this additional funding is required, use of this funding will count towards the two uses of the ECR Meeting Fund allowed to each ECR in a yearNote: Awards for travel, budget accommodation and subsistence will be reimbursed at 80% FEC recovery rate by invoice from the applicant’s institution.
Please read the Terms and Conditions of the award before applying.
*A fully-funded place at this meeting covers attendance from the 6 to 8 July, including reception and conference dinner plus the optional field trip on the 5 July.
We welcome poster submissions for this event on topics directly related to the monitoring and modelling of CO2 storage. The deadline for submission has been extended to CLOSE OF BUSINESS Friday 3 June 2016.  Please send submissions directly to James Craig at

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