The STFC Network, GeoRepNet, will hold its third conference in Edinburgh focusing on exploring all aspects of high technology transfer into geological repositories and other deep subsurface facilities and laboratories. Talks in all areas of high technology are welcome, particularly in STFC areas such as astronomy, particle physics and planetary sciences instrumentation. Of particular interest are examples of how technology can be transferred from these areas into the monitoring and characterisation of deep subsurface facilities and geological repositories or how high technology can be used in underground science facilities and other subsurface environments. This meeting also aims to create a legacy for GeoRepNet by generating an international community working on understanding processes in geological repositories and generate new groups working on proposals.
About GeoRepNet: The disposal of waste, including nuclear waste (from the nuclear power industry and other nuclear applications) and carbon dioxide (to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and associated greenhouse warming) constitutes one of the major environmental technical challenges of the 21st Century and has great importance on the national and international level. By funding and bringing together researchers involved in high technology transfer, GeoRepNet seeks to enhance the links between high technology and subsurface exploration.
There is no registration fee and registrants selected for talks will have travel and accommodation costs paid. Talks and posters are welcome.
Registration deadline is September 15, 2015.
Abstract deadline: August 31st, 2015. Abstracts should be half a page maximum.
We welcome abstracts for talks and posters. Please bear in mind that talk slots are limited and presentations may have to be posters.
Please send them to 
For further information and to register visit 
CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Katharine Hollinshead (STFC); Wouters Katinka (SCK CEN);  Claire L Corkhill (University of Sheffield); Graeme Hansford (University of Leicester); Joanna Wragg (BGS); Lee Thompson (University of Sheffield); Nick Smith (NNL); Simon Harley (University of Edinburgh); Matt Gunn (University of Aberystwyth); Adrian Jones (DCO); Beverly DeJarnett (DCO) and others…

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