GCCSI CCS workshop – 18th July 2019

Please join the Global CCS Institute for an afternoon Carbon Capture and Storage workshop following the Carbon Management Technology Conference.
The afternoon workshop will be split into two sessions.
From 1-3pm: US Carbon Capture Policy – this session is designed to answer key questions around California’s innovative new Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) CCS protocol and the enhanced 45Q tax credit provisions. This will be a discussion for a broader audience and those looking to initiate a project in the US.
From 3-5pm: CO2 Storage 101 – this session is designed to provide a high level overview of the different CO2 storage techniques with application in the United States and regions with the most storage potential. All forms of storage – EOR, dedicated geological sequestration and off-shore storage – will need to drive new projects. This session is designed for organizations/individuals who are not familiar with CO2 storage.
***More details about the panelists and session details to come.
For your registration, please register for the session(s) that you are interested in attending. There is no cost for the sessions – registration will help to determine the size of venue and refreshment requirements for each session.
The sessions will involve presentations from the Institute’s Alex Townsend and Chris Consoli providing an overview of the topics, followed by a panel discussion with appropriate representatives from academia, NGO and industry to discuss practical solutions to drive carbon capture deployment in the United States.
If you have any questions about the workshop please send an email to Rob Mitchell at rob.mitchell@globalccsinstitute.com.

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