Developing Clean Coal Technologies and Carbon Capture & Storage Workshop – UK/South Korea

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Energy Leeds are hosting a workshop on ‘Developing Clean Coal Technologies and Carbon Capture & Storage’ in collaboration with the University of Nottingham and the UKCCSRC.

Clean Coal Technology advances have led to more efficient combustion/gasification of coal with reduced emissions. Clean Coal Technology including Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage provides a means by which fossil fuels can continue to make a significant and cost effective contribution to our energy needs in a low carbon future.

This event in intended to promote UK innovative research skills and expertise in this field directly to key contacts from a variety of research institutions /centres and industry in South Korea. Delegates will represent academia, industry and government organisations.

This workshop will include presentations from the UK and South Korea, a series of technology focused breakout events and poster sessions.

This is an excellent opportunity for researchers and industrialists alike to showcase research, technology and build networks.

Further information and registration here.