CO2 Properties and EoS for Pipeline Engineering

This meeting will bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of CO2 properties and Equations of State relevant to the pipeline transportation of CO2. The aim of the meeting will be to share information relating to both research needs in this area and the status of existing research projects, with a view to developing a more co-ordinated research effort within the UK CCS research community.

The format of the meeting will include:

  • Invited presentations from industrial participants aimed at highlighting research needs
  • Short (5 minute) presentations from researchers aimed at illuminating the topics and status of current research efforts
  • Round-table discussions aimed at improved co-ordination of existing research and identification of opportunities for new research initiative and funding.

Convened by: Dr Richard Graham (University of Nottingham), Dr Julia Race (University of Strathclyde), Prof Martin Trusler (Imperial College London)


The meeting proceedings including agenda, presentations etc can be downloaded here

AGENDA (click on presentation titles for available PDFs)

10.00-10.30     Arrivals and registration

10.30-10.45     Welcome/introduction

10.45-11.30     KEYNOTE: Professor Roland Span, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany Thermodynamic Property Models for Transport and Storage of CO2

11:30-11:55     Russell Cooper, National Grid “The Certainties and Uncertainties of CO2 Transport and Storage”

11:55-12:20     Javier Rodriguez, Process Systems Enterprise Ltd “gSAFT: Advanced Physical Properties for Carbon Capture and Storage System Modelling

12:20-12:45     Martin Trusler, Imperial College London “Phase Behaviour and EoS Modelling of the Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen System

12:45-13:10     Richard Graham, University of Nottingham Understanding and Predicting CO2 Properties for CCS Transport

13:15-14:15     Lunch

14.15-15.45     Group discussions with academic presentations

Solomon Brown, University College London Impact of Equation of State on Simulating CO2 Pipeline Decompression

Xiaobo Luo, University of Hull Study of the Pipeline Network Planned in the Humber Region of the UK

Chris Wareing, University of Leeds Numerical Modelling of Trans-Triple Point Temperature Near-Field Sonic Dispersion of CO2 from High Pressure Dense Phase Pipelines

Jie Ke, University of NottinghamPhase equilibrium studies of impure CO2 systems to underpin developments of CCS technologies

15.45-16.00 Break

16.00-16.30 Discussion and wrap-up


This workshop is free to attend however to the technical nature and format of this workshop, we would encourage that only people working in the subject areas concerned register    


The UKCCSRC ECR Meeting Fund is available to support Early Career Researchers (ECRs) with the cost of travel, accommodation (up to one night maximum depending on distance of host institution from meeting venue) and subsistence needed to attend this meeting. In order to apply for this funding please complete the application form and have your supervisor complete the referee form and ensure both are submitted to Ciara O’Connor, Network Manager at before 5pm Monday 27 October 2014. You will be advised of the funding decision by the 31 October 2014.