CO2 Data Share Consortium – an international platform for sharing data related to CO2 storage projects – 24 May 2018

The CO2 Data Share Consortium is an initiative to facilitate the sharing of quality datasets from carbon capture and storage (CCS) operations worldwide, for the purpose of accelerating CCS research and development. The project will establish and operate a consortium-driven repository and online platform for sharing reference datasets that have been individually selected and curated for quality. Through a web interface, users will be able to identify, learn about and access individual datasets. The project also seeks to address the multiple barriers that currently discourage data owners from sharing their data by providing a unified technical solution and streamlined data preparation procedures. The participants of the project are SINTEF, University of Illinois, Statoil and IEAGHG. It is funded by Gassnova/CLIMIT and USDOE. In this webinar we will present the objectives and goals of the CO2 Data Share Consortium, outline the technical solutions, answer questions and encourage input though online discussion.

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