CO₂MultiStore: Optimising CO₂ storage around the UK – London launch

SCCS invites you to the London launch of their CO₂MultiStore Joint Industry Project report. Project partners from industry and academia will present a range of findings from their research, which sought to increase understanding and confidence in the operation of two or more CO₂ injection sites within a single geological storage formation.

Using a North Sea case study, the Captain Sandstone, generic learning from the project is relevant to the characterisation of other extensive storage formations, as well as the management and monitoring of CO₂ injection operations at two or more sites within any storage formation. This event will focus on UK storage potential and generic learning from the project.

Event programme:

  • Relevance of CO₂MultiStore findings to development of CO₂ stores around the UK (and beyond), Lord Oxburgh
  • Leaseholder’s perspective of CO₂MultiStore findings, Ian Selby, The Crown Estate
  • Statement of project technical work and summary findings, Maxine Akhurst, British Geological Survey
  • Implications from storage site stability to the planning and management of storage sites, Chris McDermott, University of Edinburgh
  • Implications to monitoring planning of multi-user stores, Maxine Akhurst on behalf of Jonathan Pearce, British Geological Survey
  • Summary implications to development of CO₂ storage in the UK and Europe, Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh

This event is for senior academics, policy makers, government, CCS project developers, licensers and regulators, and funding agencies.

Please note that spaces for this event are limited and people must register to secure a place. As this event is taking place in the House of Lords, registration is also essential for security purposes.

For more information and to register, please visit the SCCS website here:


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