CCS: Pathways to Commercialisation – 9 November 2015

Joint CCSA / IEAGHG / UKCCSRC meeting
This year the CCSA Winter Members’ Meeting will be a joint event held with IEAGHG and UKCCSRC. This meeting will be a workshop that will look at the pathways that will enable countries to move CCS to commercialisation.  The last few years has seen a significant growth in the number of industrial-scale projects that are operating or under construction around the world. The lessons that have been learnt during the development and deployment of these early projects will be discussed, including projects from Brazil, Canada, US and UK.
The UK has set itself the ambition to commercialise CCS in the early 2020s and has supported that objective by introducing its Electricity Market Reform programme. To make CCS commercially competitive with other low carbon technologies it is recognised that there is a need to reduce costs.  This meeting will explore both the UK’s perspectives on cost-reduction activities and compare this against the experience gained in other countries that are ahead of the UK in the early-commercial deployment of the technology. The meeting will examine cost reduction potential and activities in capture, transport (pipelines and shipping) and storage through technology developments, business models and industrial clusters.
If you have any questions on this meeting please contact, Sian Twinning, IEAGHG:

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