Carbon capture, utilisation and storage: Time to inject a new sense of urgency? – 8 July 2019

The European Commission unveiled its 2050 climate strategy on November 28th, saying the transition to “a climate neutral economy” with net-zero emissions by mid-century will be positive for the economy, despite the significant additional investments it will require.
Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) systems play a key role in the technological efforts to mitigate emissions, particularly from heavy industries such as steel, chemicals and cement. However, both political will and financial means are necessary to get the first European demonstration projects up and running.
EURACTIV invites you to this high-level Forum to discuss the challenges of CCUS on the road to 2050.
Questions will include:
– Are scientists and engineers ready to deliver CCUS for large-scale deployment? What are the challenges and hurdles towards implementation?
– What incentives for Member States to invest in CCUS in light of high penetration of renewable energy and other cheaper low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen?
– Can CCUS help decarbonise the heat and power sector as well as heavy industry?
– Will the technology ever be economically worthwhile?
– What are the technical solutions and scientific breakthroughs which have emerged already or are about to emerge?
– Is business ready to deliver?

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