Air Capture Workshop – 12 February 2015

This workshop, jointly sponsored by the IMechE, UKCCSRC and CO2Chem, examined the drivers and methods for carbon dioxide capture from ambient air or other dilute sources.  The meeting focussed on capture processes that can deliver molecular CO2 for sub-surface injection or conversion, or that include conversion directly as part of the process. The aim of the meeting was to make presentations and a summary of additional points raised in discussions publicly available as a rapid state-of-the-art review.
The meeting proceedings including agenda, presentations etc can be downloaded here
09:30-10:00       Arrivals and registration
10:00-10:05       Jon Gibbins (UKCCSRC) Welcome
10:05-10:10       Peter Styring (University of Sheffield) Introduction to CO2Chem
10:10-10:20       Tim Fox (IMechE) Air Capture: An IMechE Perspective
10:20-10:30       Simon Bennett (International Energy Agency) Air capture: What Would it Mean for Climate Change Mitigation and Carbon Costs?
10:30-11:45       Technical Presentations – Session 1

3x technical presentations
Technical discussion

11:45-12:00       Discussion of National Academy of Sciences report on Carbon Dioxide Removal
12:00-12:10       Harsh Pershad (Innovate UK) Funding Opportunities from Innovate UK
12:10-13:10       Lunch
13:10-14:20       Technical Presentations – Session 2
3x technical presentations
Technical discussion

14:20-14:35       Coffee
14:35-15:45       Technical Presentations – Session 3
3x technical presentations
Technical discussion

15:45-16:00       Jon Gibbins (UKCCSRC) Workshop Wrap UpTim Fox (IMechE) Closing Remarks
TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS (order selected by lot on the day)
Peter Styring (University of Sheffield) Carbon Dioxide Utilisation as a Direct Air Capture Driver
Anca Timofte (Climeworks) Climeworks: Capturing CO2 from Air- Update on the Latest Developments
Geoff Holmes (Carbon Engineering) Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture Pilot Demonstration – End-to-End Operations in 2015
Allen Wright (Centre for Negative Carbon Emissions, Arizona State University) Developing the Air Capture Agenda
Giulio Santori (University of Edinburgh) Capture, Compression and Purification of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
David Addison (Virgin Group) The Role of Direct Air Capture and Greenhouse Gas Removal in Climate Mitigation
Eric Ping (Global Thermostat) The Time for Air Capture is Now
Duncan McLaren (Lancaster University) Ethics of Direct Air Capture
David Agar (Technical University of Dortmund) Power-to-Gas with Direct-Air-Capture

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