Acorn 2025: a pathway to decarbonising the UK – 20 June 2018

Our webinar will introduce the Acorn project as a “look back” from the year 2025. From this future perspective, our speakers will showcase the results from the ACT Acorn study, focusing on the growth of an integrated CCS network from an initial capture plant at St Fergus, which now handles CO2 from a variety of sources – including CO2 from the local production of hydrogen and imported from other countries.
You will hear from several members of the consortium, who will address different areas of the study, from the technical details of construction and initial CO2 injection into the storage site to public perception as well as the policy and regulatory issues the project faced.
The speakers will address the importance of this early research in reaching significant project milestones in the UK and will point to Acorn’s vital role as one of several major success stories from the UK and Scottish Government’s respective clean growth and energy strategies.
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