5th Meeting of the IEAGHG Oxyfuel Combustion Research Network

IEAGHG, in cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), is pleased to announce the 5th Meeting of the IEAGHG Oxyfuel Combustion Research Network.  This will be held at Wuhan, China from 27-30 October 2015.  A visit to HUST 35MWth Pilot Plant Facility will be part of the programme.

One of the key messages that has become evident from the different stakeholders attending our network meetings and OCC conferences is that Oxyfuel Combustion Technology for Power Plant with CCS is ready for demonstration. How to achieve the goal to build the first commercial scale demo plant is an important priority of the next 5 years.  Failure to achieve this goal means losing the progress made during the last decade.

This meeting shall provide a forum to share knowledge and expertise. Additionally, updates to all active demonstration projects and what people have learnt from operating various oxyfuel pilot plants should remain the focus of this knowledge sharing activity. New and novel technologies in oxyfuel combustion will be promoted widely.

The main topics for this meeting will cover the following:

 Boiler and Burner Development
• Char combustion and devolatilisation kinetics and modeling
• Heat transfer experiments and modeling
• Ash slagging, fouling and deposition
• Fate of sulfur during oxyfuel combustion (SO2, SO3 and sulfur in ash) and modeling
• In furnace sulfur reduction concepts
• NOx emissions mechanisms, in furnace reduction control, modeling
• N2O emissions mechanisms (for oxy-CFB)
• Mercury and other trace elements
• Oxy-PC and Oxy-CFB Boiler design
• Air ingress management
    Oxygen Production
• Conventional Air Separation Unit
• Novel Oxygen Production and Membrane technology
    Flue Gas Processing
• Electrostatic Precipitator or Fabric Filter operation
• Water removal processes and moisture control techniques
• Halides removal processes
• SCR and FGD operation
• Alternative NOx and SOx removal processes
• Mercury removal processes
   CO2 Processing Unit
• Process Integration
• CO2 liquefaction processes
• CO2 compressor and pump
• Vapor Liquid Equilibria (VLE) Experimental results and modeling
• CO2 membrane technology
    Process Control and Process Integration
• Process dynamics and control
• Process integration concept
• Burner and flue gas control management
    Novel Oxyfuel Processes
• Chemical Looping Combustion
• Calcium Looping Combustion
• Pressurized Oxyfuel Combustion
• Oxyfuel + Steam type burner
• Oxy-Gas Turbine
   Regulatory, Permitting, Policy Development (To follow up the Yokohama Discussion)
• CO2 specification and recovery rate
• Permitting process, vent stream regulation and accidental release
• Legal framework development
   Large Scale Pilot and Demonstration Projects
• Current on-going projects and update
• Results of large scale burner testing
• New project announcement and update
If you are interested in presenting a paper to this meeting, please submit an extended 2-3 pages abstract about your presentation on or before 26th March 2015 to the IEAGHG online registration. The submitted abstract should clearly demonstrate the scope of the proposed paper. It should also contain enough information for the reviewers to make an informed decision.  The template of the abstracts is enclosed for your reference.
Please note that you may need to have your Oxyfuel Research Network’s Username and Password to register your abstracts. The registration is FREE. By registering, you will also be able to access all presentations of the previous meetings and capacity building courses.
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