3rd Baltic Carbon Forum

In April this year, at the Baltic Carbon Forum conference in Tallinn, it was agreed to convene an autumn conference in order to keep up the good momentum in the network. The objective should be to continue the network development and to put considerable efforts into elaborating the project ideas towards funding applications.

The 3rd CCS conference within the Baltic Carbon Forum will take place October 29th-30th 2015 in the premises of the Ministry of Economy, Pl. Trzech Krzyży 15/17, Warsaw, Poland.

With climate change in focus they want to provide a timely update on the broader perspectives as a backdrop for the regional discussion about CCS issues. Not least the COP21 event in Paris early December and the current EU strategy update may have important implications for the general mood to support serious, regional project development. Thus far the European CCS development is mainly signified by research and studies rather than real deployment, why a strong network initiative in particular within Task Force Storage might therefore be a welcome addition to the current European project portfolio.

The programme will be distributed within approximately one week and you can register your interest here to participate. Please follow the conference site for more information as we approach the date.

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