12th ECCRIA Conference – 5-7 September 2018

The 12th ECCRIA Conference will be held at Cardiff University 5th-7th September 2018.
The formation of Fuel and Energy Research Forum was planned and initiated during 2016 with the aim of bringing together all those with interests in fuel and energy research, particularly fossil fuel, biomass and waste and to promote and integrate these interests within the UK and worldwide. These research areas are increasingly important as carbon-based fuels continue to play a key role in the energy mix of today. These fuels provide a widely-distributed, secure and reliable source of energy that is relatively easy to obtain. Clean carbon-fuel technology is the order of the day, with particular attention being paid to carbon capture and storage in view of global warming and carbon dioxide emissions from carbon based usage.
The First Conference in this series, as the Coal Research Forum, was held in 1996 at Loughborough University and building on the success of the previous eleven ECCRIA Conferences, this twelfth conference is to be held at Cardiff University.
Call for Abstracts is now open. Details can be found at https://www.eccria-conferences.org/about