UKCCSRC Coordination Group member and Research Area Champion, Andy Chadwick, now Honorary Professor at University of Edinburgh

Andy Chadwick, Individual Merit Research Scientist at the British Geological Survey, has been recently admitted to the post of Honorary Professor in the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh. This is in recognition of his work on Carbon Capture and Storage, notably the geophysical monitoring of CO2 storage sites, as well as CO2 storage site characterisation and regulation.

Andy has an MA from Oxford and a DSc from Durham and his areas of expertise are: subsurface exploration, basin evolution, regional tectonics, seismic analysis, CO2 storage – characterization/capacity, monitoring and regulation. Andy has been involved with CO2 storage since 1998 participating in many European CO2 storage research projects and a number of UK government and industrially-funded ones. Current research directions include quantitative analysis of time-lapse seismic data to characterise CO2 plumes, and history-matched flow modelling to understand CO2 migration in reservoirs. He has advised a number of national and international regulatory bodies and is particularly interested in developing pragmatic integrated monitoring systems and strategies for industrial-scale storage sites. 

Andy is a member of the UKCCSRC’s Coordination Group and is the Storage Research Area Champion for Monitoring R&D. 

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