UKCCSRC and EPSRC ‘Challenges on Geological Storage for CCS’ calls and links to research in Canada

Following a recent UKCCSRC mission to Canada, there may be scope for projects in the  current UKCCSRC call for proposals and the EPSRC ‘Challenges in Geological Storage for CCS’ call1 to be linked to ongoing research at CANMET2 or with PTRC’s Aquistore3 project.

Support for Canada links to UKCCSRC projects will take the form of reasonable additional funds for visits and exchanges with Canada that directly contribute to the execution (i.e. not dissemination) of the research project. The support is ‘additional’ because these specific travel funds will not be counted as part of the research bid total funding.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE CANADIAN ORGANISATIONS DIRECTLY.  If you are seriously interested and need further information for the UKCCSRC call then email as soon as possible with a summary of what you might wish to do and estimated travel costs.

For links to projects for the EPSRC call you should include outline information on these in your Expression of Interest email to Jacqui Williams due by 28 September.  Further information on Aquistore will be available at the UKCCSRC meeting in Durham on 19-20 September and will subsequently be published on the UKCCSRC web site.  Specific queries may also be addressed to…

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