UK Government publishes Peterhead and White Rose reports

Today the UK Government published the details of their comprehensive CCS knowledge sharing initiative.  As part of the initiative, 45 detailed written reports from both the Peterhead and White Rose CCS Projects will be released. These reports will share the emerging learning and experiences from the UK’s two flagship CCS projects.

The collection of 90 reports or Key Knowledge Deliverables (KKDs) will be published as they become available throughout 2015/16. The KKDs will cover several key aspects of delivering a large scale commercial CCS project including: commercial and financing arrangements; program and risk management; consent and permitting; technical design, engineering and integration; health and safety; and lessons learnt. 

These Key Knowledge Deliverables are the result of the comprehensive Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) work that is being undertaken by the Peterhead and White Rose CCS project teams.

In March 2013, both projects were selected as ‘preferred bidders’ in the UK’s CCS Commercialisation Competition. The projects were awarded multi-million pound contracts to undertake FEED – a detailed program of engineering, planning and financial work that allows projects to de-risk aspects of their proposals ahead of taking final investment decisions, and hopefully proceeding to construction.

It is hoped that both these UK Projects will be able to reach a final investment decision by the end of 2015, with an announcement around the award of the UK CCS Commercialisation Competition £1 billion capital funding expected in early in 2016.

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