September 2017 Collaboration Fund recipients announced

We are pleased to announce the three recipients of the September 2017 Scientific Council Collaboration Fund. The Collaboration Fund was introduced for the first time at the UKCCSRC Biannual Conference, hosted at the University of Sheffield. The award of up to £10,000 per project was created to promote collaborative research across UK universities. The recipients of the award were voted for by members of the UKCCSRC Scientific Council, which is a consortium of some of the UK’s leading CCS academics. 

The projects that will receive the Collaboration Fund are as follows:


Title: UK injection research borehole design international engineering and science workshop and expert panel

Researchers: Prof Andy Chadwick (PI), British Geological Survey, Prof Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh, Prof Mike Bickle, University of Cambridge, Michelle Bentham, British Geological Survey.


Title: Teaming up to advance the development of energy – smart compact carbon-scrubbing technologies

Researchers: Dr Chengong Sun (PI), University of Nottingham, Prof Xianfeng Fan, University of Edinburgh.


Title: Experimental investigation into oxy-combustion behaviours of biomass particles through digital imaging technique 

Researchers: Dr Gang Lu (PI), University of Kent, Dr Hao Liu, University of Nottigham.


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