Industry Engagement Strategy

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Industry Engagement is a key part of the UKCCSRC's mission and forms key part of the delivery of a number of the UKCCSRC's Strategic Priorities, as set out in the UKCCSRC Strategic Plan 2012-2017.

The UKCCSRC Industry Engagement Strategy will support the mission of UKCCSRC by ensuring regular, mutually beneficial communication between UKCCSRC and a broad range of relevant industrial (and other) stakeholders.  A key feature of the strategy will be for the Centre to increasingly act as a 'meeting place' for industry and other stakeholders with an interest in mutual interaction but who would not readily come into contact with each other or with leading academic researchers.

Nine mechanisms will be used to deliver the strategy:

  1. Create an Independent Advisory Panel to advise the Centre Management Team
  2. Associate Membership of Centre
  3. Business Developers’ Platform
  4. Focussed Communications (e.g. monthly newsletters)
  5. Events (regular meetings, focussed meetings with Research Groups and Research Themes)
  6. Staff exchanges for experienced members of the UK CCS community (outwards and inwards)
  7. Strategic partnerships for research and staff exchange
  8. Strategic Partnerships for Knowledge Exchange
  9. PACT facility services

Further details can be found in the full Industry Engagement Strategy document.