Working with other UK CCS Centres

This page sets out how the UKCCSRC defines its role vis-à-vis other centres/universities in the UK, how the Centre will inform/facilitate opportunities to Centre members, how the Strategy & Business Development Manager (SBDM) will support all members, how the Centre will deal with collaboration requests, and what process might be devised to fast-track opportunities.

Disseminating information on funding opportunities

The existing practice is to disseminate funding opportunity information widely through Member and Network newsletters and sometimes specific emails. Some funding opportunities have also been publicised at meetings, principally 6 month meetings (e.g. calls announced by EPSRC).

The Centre will:

  • disseminate less information by newsletters and to send more specific funding opportunity newsletters and emails to Business Developers (BD's) and Members1 who have also opted in to receive this information;
  • additionally BD's and opted-in Members could be invited to attend physical briefing meetings (that are collectively reasonably location-neutral; it is not expected that any individual BD or Member costs for attending these meetings would be met by the UKCCSRC).

Responding to specific external inquiries that might lead to research funding

  • The overriding principle here is to give as equal and fair access to the research funding to all UKCCSRC members as reasonably practicable.
  • It must also be possible to deal with the inquiry at a cost in UKCCSRC Secretariat and Member time and effort that is justified by the potential benefit to UKCCSRC Members.

If both of the above conditions cannot be met (as decided by the Secretariat) then the inquirer will be advised simply to refer to the UKCCSRC web site and then proceed independently.

Depending on how worthwhile it appears for the UKCCSRC to become involved and the wishes of the inquirer then the inquirer will be offered several options:

  1. The UKCCSRC Secretariat will circulate a version of the inquiry (possibly anonymised) to all BD's and opted-in Members with responses either going directly to the inquirer or via the UKCCSRC Secretariat.  The inquiry will also be placed on the UKCCSRC web site.  A brief notice that this communication took place and a link to the web page will also be added to monthly Members' newsletters.
  2. More exceptionally the UKCCSRC Secretariat may help arrange a sandpit event to attempt to identify one or more teams to bid for the support. 

Any selectors and/or facilitators at the sandpit (other than basic administration) that are not the sole responsibility of the inquirer (i.e. that are arranged by the UKCCSRC) will have to be vetted as suitably independent by the UKCCSRC Board (as well as being acceptable to the inquirer, and subject to conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues for individual Board members). 

Depending on the nature of the inquirer, the costs involved and the potential benefit to Members it may be made a condition that the inquirer funds all or some of the costs of such a sandpit event; costs (including estimated UKCCSRC Secretariat staff time) in excess of £10k incurred by the UKCCSRC in running such a sandpit would also have to be approved by the Board in advance.

1Members will have been told that they need to opt in to receive these communications directly and will have the option of requesting to opt in at any time.