Management Team

The UK CCS Research Centre is run by a management team consisting of the Principal Investigator and eight Co-Investigators, forming the Coordination Group with research area responsibilities, plus a Secretariat. In addition to operating the current grant, key elements of the management team's role, supported by the other Research Area Champions, will be to ensure the scientific authority, relevance, expansion and longer-term sustainability of the UKCCSRC.

As Principal Investigator on the grant, the ​UKCCSRC Director​ , Professor Jon Gibbins, has the primary responsibility for leading the expansion of the Research Centre's activities across all of its related disciplines and ensuring that the Research Centre plays a pivotal role in organising the CCS research landscape in the UK and globally.  The Director is also a champion for CCS research in academic, industry, policy and other forums, both in the UK and overseas.

Coordination Group