Centre Mission

The UK CCS Research Centre’s strategic mission is to help ensure that CCS plays an effective role in reducing net CO2 emissions while securing affordable and controllable electricity supplies, providing low carbon heat and maintaining competitive industries for the UK.

The Centre supports a community of over 1000 members, made up of world-leading academics, representatives from industry, and early career researchers. Facilitating the collaboration between academic CCS researchers and industry is vital to maximise the development of real-world applications built upon research outputs.

Between 2017 and 2022, the Centre will both coordinate a programme of core research and have flexible funds available for emerging topics which will be determined after consultation with the Centre’s Independent Advisory Panel, Scientific Council and Board.  The aim is to stimulate the UK economy by driving an integrated research programme focused on increasing the contribution of CCS to a decarbonised UK economy.


Accelerating Impact

The Centre will:

  • Develop a knowledge base to support the rollout of CCS.
  • Prepare for deployment of CCS in line with decarbonisation targets, including industrial applications, very low emissions from fossil fuels, and negative emissions from both biomass based energy
  • Execute a communications strategy that will facilitate collaborative and coordinated work and knowledge sharing in CCS, whilst raising the profile of the Centre within target audiences/communities and increasing impact.


Building leadership

The UKCCSRC transcends institutional and disciplinary boundaries bringing together visionary leaders who are able to set national and international multi-discipline research agendas. The UKCCSRC mentors inspirational team leaders to act as role models on complex, long-term research programmes, and provides leadership opportunities for early- and mid-career researchers.


Building Capability

The UKCCSRC provides CCS researchers with the continuity, support and opportunities to foster creativity and empower delivery of the highest quality long-term research in areas where there is current or future national need. The UKCCSRC is focused on multi-disciplinary research that can grow over time, enhance national capacity, and act as a focal point for international engagement. As part of shaping the capability of the UK to develop and rollout CCS the UKCCSRC will look to:

  • Actively seek support for fundamental and multi-disciplinary CCS research, which can have positive economic and social outcomes, from funders and sponsors in engineering and natural sciences in collaboration with the environmental, biological, physical, chemical, economic and social sciences. These may be RCUK, government or industry.
  • Build strategic national and international research partnerships with industry and other user organisations to co-fund and co-deliver a range of R&D impacts linked to the growing opportunities for commercial deployment of CCS, in particular reducing costs, improving performance and minimising risks for future generations of CCS projects.
  • Lead on international scientific engagement in CCS, exploiting existing major links with the rest of Europe, North America, China and India, and developing interactions with other major potential CCS users in the Middle East, Africa and South America.