About Us

About us

Since our creation in 2012, we have supported, strengthened and integrated the UK CCS community. The excellence of the UK research base is internationally recognised, with many of our 300+ academic members collaborating with CCS organisations across the world. We have become a vital link with industry, aligning CCS research with business needs to secure an attainable economic future for the technology.

Our people

See how we’re structured: meet our board and advisory council, management team, core research team and flexible funded research team, as well as our secretariat in Sheffield.

Our partners

We’re a consortium of 11 organisations, comprising 6 core institutions and 5 partner organisations. Our office is currently based at the University of Sheffield.

Enable research

By funding 32 projects to date across the spectrum of CCS research, we support the drive towards an affordable, low carbon future for the UK.

Grow and support the UK CCS community

With a membership of 1400, and two conferences a year, we bring together the community to aid collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Collaborate internationally

With six memorandums of understanding signed across the globe and numerous international collaborations, the UKCCSRC is an integral part of the UK remaining a world leader in CCS technology.

Work with industry

By making test facilities available for over 70 industrial organisations, and hosting joint academic and industry workshops, we support the commercial deployment of CCS.

Engage and inform external stakeholders

By providing written and oral evidence to Government committees, and researching public attitudes towards CCS, the UKCCSRC informs policy makers on how CCS contributes to meeting the UK’s climate change obligations.

Foster tomorrow’s leaders

By funding travel for development opportunities, and providing training, we ensure early career researchers have the skills and networks to keep the UK at the forefront of CCS development.

Support the Decarbonisation of the UK

We hold and attend regional and national meetings to identify the actions that need to be taken in order to deliver a CCS based decarbonisation option for the UK.

Make research freely available

We strive to make research freely available for the long term to maximise the value obtained from publicly funded information.